by Tom Kuster.

XR, of course, is short for “extended reality,” an umbrella term covering VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and MR (mixed reality). You can google the differences.

Many applications of virtual reality are appearing, new ones daily, in areas such as recruitment and training, collaboration in the workplace, creating ideas and forecasting trends, pain management, training medical students, treatment of PTSD, managing and treating conditions like autism and anxiety disorder, and paliative care in hospice.

While the XR Festival will focus particularly on applications in education, with a special emphasis on ways to use this technology to reach out to the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, anyone interested in fields like those above and many others will find the Festival interesting and applicable to their lives and work.

Detailed information, Festival features and schedule, and registration forms are available online. Spread the news, and we hope to see you there!