Partners of CMI

“Partners of CMI” is a support network of Christians willing to be a resource, as their time permits, to support Gospel outreach via technology and media.

Being a Partner is not meant to be time-consuming; we simply hope you will stay updated on CMI opportunities and activities, and if you have an idea or suggestion that will help, let us know. Nor is it a perpetual commitment. You will be a Partner for one year; each spring we will ask if you wish to continue for another such term.

What we offer Partners:

  1. With your permission, we will list your name on this page (list below).
  2. We will send you email updates (usually monthly) to keep you informed about CMI activities
  3. We will offer you opportunities to contribute directly to Gospel outreach by supporting the CMI mission as suggested in the following section.

What we ask of Partners (as your time permits):

  1. We hope you will become more knowledgeable about the mission and operations of CMI.
  2. We hope you can be a sounding board for ideas and proposals under consideration by CMI.
  3. We hope you can suggest relationships, helpers, activities, projects, and other ideas that will help us extend and fulfill our mission.
  4. We hope you might be willing to consider an assignment in an area of your own passion, providing advice, participation, and leadership in support of a CMI project.
  5. We hope you will help CMI extend the Partners network by suggesting names of others.
  6. We do not ask Partners for money to support the Christ in Media Institute, but we hope you would be willing to provide references to people you know who might consider CMI worthy of their gifts and financial support, and we also hope you might consider from time to time supporting worthy projects being conducted by others, that we will bring to your attention.

Next Steps

As you consider becoming a Partner, consult the Seven Challenge areas facing those who would use media for Gospel outreach. They might help you see how you can make your contribution to Gospel outreach via technology and mass media.


More information

If you are interested but have more questions, we will be happy to consult with you on an individual basis at a time convenient to you. Just let us know.

Thank you for your service to the Lord’s Kingdom.



Nate Abrahamson
Ikweri Anariko
Steve Balza
Dan Basel
Bruce Becker
Eric Blumer
Mike Buchanan
Amanda Buelow
Jeff Bukowski
Curtis Bull
Heather Carmichael
Jesse DeDeyne
Sallie Draper
Andreas Drechsler
Karsten Drechsler
Tim Erickson
Marlin Goebel
Scott Gostchock
Paul Grubbs
Todd Hackbarth
Hansen Family
Jeff Hendrix
Tom Heyn
Lorenz Holland-Moritz
Jason Jaspersen
Christopher Johnson

Brian Keller
Rachel Kerkow
Michael Klebig
Brian Klebig
Judy Kuster
John Lawrenz
Jonathan Leach
Michael Lilienthal
Jas Lonnquist
Ben Lundsten
Robert Martens
Leah Matzke
Benj Matzke
Patrick McGuire
John McKenna
Mark Meyer
Ruthann Mickelson
Tim Moldstad
Erhard Opsahl
Andrew Overn
Mark Parsons
John Paulsen
Bill Pekrul
Steve Petersen
Ted Petersen
Jason Petoskey
Gene Pfeifer
Tony Pittenger

Amanda Quist
Steve Reagles
Jonathan Roberts
Larry Schlomer
Tim Schmeling
Jonas Schröter
Nathan Schulte
Lance Schwartz
Jim Sehloff
Phil Seibel
Aaron Spike
Martin Spriggs
Shawn Stafford
Dan Stelljes
Rachel Ulrich
Luke Ulrich
Martin Valleskey
Aaron Wakeman
Tom Walters
Larry Wentzlaff
Art Westphal
Jonathan Witte
Eric Woller
Brad Wordell
Kebede Yigezu
Steve Zambo
Paul Ziemer