indicates media within our fellowship (ELS/WELS)

Streaming Media

ELS Sermons and Services 
A complete list of ELS online streaming video.

WELS Live Streaming Broadcasts 
A complete list of WELS services with online streaming video.

Outreach Media

Free Internet Bibles and Bible Stories for Gospel Outreach around the World
Judy Kuster’s comprehensive survey of free resources.

Open Bible Stories
A project of Distant Shores. Drawn illustrations of Bible history stories, open source (not copyrighted and can be used at no charge).

The Brinkman Adventures
Using stories (audio), not for outreach but to teach and motivate the home front, especially children, about missions.

Time of Grace Ministry 
International broadcast ministry proclaiming the Gospel through the teaching ministry of Pastor Mark Jeske.
Contact: Bruce Becker

WELS Multi-language Publications
Coordinate cross-cultural publishing: producing, promoting and distributing publications, creating publication teams; film production, interactive computer-based training, 2.5D illustrations, and more.
Contacts: Nate Wagenknecht
Sylvia Falcon, digital publishing coordinator

“Who Is Jesus” Book
An interactive book for the iPad, containing lots of information and clips from the film “Road to Emmaus.”


Teología luterana en español
Theological essays, some works of Luther, devotions, and a manual on the Catechism.

Media Professionals

BT Media
Award-winning producers. Their “Pioneers of Television” series continues on PBS, and they are planning a sequel to their widely seen “Road to Emmaus.”
Contact: Steve Boettcher

Cooke Pictures
Provides video, web, and branding resources for Christian ministries.

Distant Shores Media
Exploring all aspects of media use for Gospel outreach.

Salty Earth Pictures
A non-profit devoted to encouraging, producing, and distributing entertainment and media that lightens hearts, challenges minds, and strengthen souls. Produces everything from feature film to webmedia that shares Christ with a world in need.

Sermons for Kids
Free reproducible materials, lessons, activities. Very useful, but watch for some decision theology.

Spark and Echo Arts
Spark & Echo fosters a new culture of artistic dialogue that generates fascinating works of art while exploring the Bible by creating the world’s largest multi-disciplinary illuminated Bible with a piece of visual, performing or literary art covering every passage of the Bible.
Contact: Jonathon Roberts


3031 Tech Forum
A digital watering hole where technology professionals & enthusiasts explain, recommend, and troubleshoot technology

Sallie Draper’s Blog
Insights from the WELS tech trainer.

Supports the work of all WELS mission fields, home and abroad, with technology. Produces weekly podcast and supports multiple social-media-based communities of tech-minded pastors, teachers, laypersons.
Contacts: Martin Spriggs, Sallie Draper