Photo from Filmmaking Overseas

2017 GOWM Presentation by Photographer Ben Lundsten

Gospel Outreach with Media Online Conference

The 2019 GOWM conference discussion is now closed, but this and all former conferences are archived for you to read at The 2020 conference is scheduled to open for discussion for three weeks starting on October 19.

The Basics

  • Participation is free.
  • The conference presentations may involve text, images, audio, video, or combinations of these.
  • Return to the conference as often as you wish, and remember that discussions are found in the comments section.
  • There may be people attending this conference for whom English is not their first language. Each presentation will have a link enabling translation into many languages.


2018 Sessions Included (among others):

Superhero Films – Unlikely Sources of Truth

David Locklair

The Gospel for Today (and Always)

Mark Harstad 

T-Shirt Evangelism

Peter Micheel

Why I Still Love the Internet

Judy Kuster

A Brief Introduction to Podcasting and the Podcasting Studio at Bethany Lutheran College

Kurt Shrader

The Lost Coins Christian Podcast Series Begins

Ted Petersen

The Evangelical Heritage Version in Digital Formats

Brian Keller

Children of the Light – Using a Book Series to Reveal the Nine Fruit of the Spirit

Mary Schmal & Leanne Ross

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