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Photo from Filmmaking Overseas

2017 GOWM Presentation by Photographer Ben Lundsten

Gospel Outreach with Media Online Conference

This conference is designed for anyone interested in the Gospel, Outreach, and Media. The  2017 GOWM Conference is now closed for comments, but the archive of all sessions and discussions is available.

The Basics

  • Participation is free.
  • The conference presentations may involve text, images, audio, video, or combinations of these.
  • Return to the conference as often as you wish, and remember that discussions are found in the comments section.
  • There may be people attending this conference for whom English is not their first language. Each presentation will have a link enabling translation into many languages.


2017 Sessions Included:

(in German) An East German Experience

Jonas Schröter (English translation available)

The Gospel for Today (and Always)

Mark Harstad 

The Bethany Reformation Art Show: 40 Artists and their Works

Bill Bukowski

Recreating Church History on Video

Jeff Hendrix

WELSTech’s Gospel Outreach Discoveries

Sallie Draper

Telling Christian Stories via Internet Audio Worldwide

Ted Petersen

Media in World Missions: a Missionary Woman’s View

Julia Majerus-Wagenknecht

Gospel Tech in Central Africa

Doug Weiser, Rob Wendland, Dan Sargent, Dan Kroll

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