Support the Christ in Media Institute

Gifts from friends and supporters are the only source of financial support for the Christ in Media Institute. Thank you for considering making a gift to the CMI. Your one-time contribution of any amount will help us continue ongoing projects. Your recurrent automatic monthly gifts will help assure the financial stability of CMI.

Longer-range goals:

  1. A gift of $5,000 will support the work of CMI for one year.
  2. Gifts totaling $90,000 designated “CMI endowment” will increase this fund to $100,000. This will assure CMI’s work can continue at its present level for years to come.
  3. Gifts totaling $490,000 designated “CMI endowment” will increase this fund to $500,000. This will enable CMI to expand its work to its full potential, and assure its leadership role as we anticipate that technology will play an increasing role in Gospel outreach in coming years.

Mail a check

Write your check to “Bethany Lutheran College” designated to Christ in Media Institute, and mail to:

Bethany Lutheran College
700 Luther Drive
Mankato, MN 56001

Donate online

Online donations are available via PayPal or with a credit card. This will be a donation to the Evangelical Lutheran Synod, which transfers the funds to CMI. If you wish, check the box authorizing recurring automatic monthly donations.

Gifts to the Christ in Media Institute 

since its founding in 2009

Giver ($1 to 499)

Silas & Mary Born
Paul Fries
Joseph Gaunt
Dave Germeyer
Don Moldstad
Jonas Nissen
Edwin & Jean Schulz
St. Paul’s Onalaska WI
Deb Uecker
Richard & Jean Wiechmann

Contributor ($500 to 999)

Denny & Joan Behr
Judy Kuster
Mount Olive Lutheran School, Mankato, Minnesota

Donor ($1000 to 4999)

Abiding Shepherd Lutheran Church
Bethany Lutheran College Auxiliary
Peter & Lori Bushman
Central Wisconsin ELS Women’s Mission Society
Colleen & Allen Hansen
ELS Convention 2015
Southern Minnesota ELS Women’s Mission Society

Provider ($5000 to 9999)

Dave & Arlene Raak
Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Benefactor ($10,000 to 19,999)

Tom & Judy Kuster

Patron ($20,000 and up)

Antioch Foundation
A Generous Donor

We are grateful to Bethany Lutheran College for substantial material support for this program.