The 7 Challenges

These challenge areas, facing anyone planning to use technology and mass media to reach out with the Gospel around the world, were identified and explored in the Media Outreach in World Missions Conference hosted by the Christ in Media Institute in October 2012.

Cultural Challenge

While the Gospel message is universal, its presentation might be tailored to peculiar features of the culture in which it is preached. What cultural elements should be taken into account, and how can this be done without distorting or weakening the Scriptural message?

Technological Challenge

What media will be available in various mission situations that can be used to reach large audiences with the Gospel message? What means of message distribution are available?

Creative Challenge

What forms can media messages take, and who will create them? How can messages be crafted that will deliver the Gospel via technology to large audiences in a way that will draw attention, and will be of the high quality worthy of the Gospel message?

Legal / Political Challenge

What legal / political barriers must be addressed in each nation in order to deliver Gospel messages to vast audiences? How should risks to life and livelihood be addressed?

Teaching Challenge

Since ideally the media messages for a particular culture should be produced by people within that culture, how can local expertise be developed, supported, and encouraged? What partnerships can support these efforts?

Stewardship Challenge

Management and funding: since media production and distribution are expensive, how can financial support be obtained, and how can production and distribution be managed in an efficient and business-like manner?

Discipleship Challenge

How can scattered believers, created by the Spirit through mass media Gospel messages, be gathered and nurtured in their faith?