The XR Festival

at Bethany Lutheran College

Mankato, Minnesota 56001 USA

April 1-2, 2022

What is the XR Festival?

The Festival is designed to explore the potential for education and outreach in Extended Reality technology (XR). “Extended Reality” is an umbrella term that includes Virtual Reality [VR], Augmented Reality [AR], and Mixed Reality [MR]). While the Festival stands alone, it also functions as the culminating event of the school-year-long XR Project.

Who should come?

Students: The upcoming generation is remarkably tech-savvy. At the Festival students will both learn and teach. Teams of high school and college students, working throughout the school year on the XR Project, have explored using Extended Reality for both education and outreach; their presentations will be a primary feature of the Festival. Other students may join the discussions and add their insights.

Teachers: The potential of Extended Reality (XR) technology in education is widely recognized. The Festival will provide a forum for exploring how that is true.

Home-schoolers: Enrichment via XR technology may be especially easy to manage and advantageous in a home-school environment.

Christians interested in outreach: As a Christian school, Bethany Lutheran College considers the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ a primary obligation and privilege. Applications of XR technology for Christian outreach will be specifically discussed and demonstrated at the Festival.

Caregivers, their teachers, and those they serve: Those who care for others, both professionals and family members, will find XR applications in serving the elderly and homebound, those needing speech and language therapy, individuals with autism, aphasia, mental and physical health challenges, Alzheimers, and many others.

Business leaders: Virtual Reality (VR) is finding many applications in sales, real estate, engineering, design, and elsewhere.

The general public: Anyone interested in technology, and in possible investments in XR technology in schools and businesses, will find the Festival valuable.

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