Support Media Mission Projects

How you can support Mission Media Projects:

Please read below about Christian media projects in home and world missions that you can support with your special gifts.

All opportunities listed here serve missions of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS), and their world partners. The ELS manages the donations, and distributes the funds to the appropriate agency. They are contributions to the church (tax deductible).

Please consider contributing, over and above your regular congregational and synodical giving, in honor of a loved one or an acquaintance, or simply as a special gift. Proceeds from group projects and fund-raisers are also welcome.

Donors need not supply the entire listed amount for a project. Funds designated for a particular project accumulate until the needed total is reached, and then they are applied to enable the project to go forward.

Click on the links below to read further details about each project. Then, if you are so moved, click on the “donate” button to make your gift by credit card or PayPal.

Project 01:   Bible teaching tools for Haiti orphans and Amazon jungle villages

11 Portable Media Distribution Systems

Download PDF with more details.

Our mission workers are teaching children in eight orphanages in Haiti, most with no electricity. If each site had one of these systems, they could be used to present Bible history stories and other lessons to the children more effectively. In addition, similar units could be carried by native evangelists to instruct people in remote Amazon jungle villages. The missionaries will decide where the first donated PMDS’s will be used.

Number of PMDS’s needed: 11
Number purchased so far: 1
Cost of each: $450

Given so far for first PMDS: $25




Project 02:  Video Gospel outreach at world mission sites

5 Mission Field Video Production Packages

Download PDF with more details.

This package enables the people living in a mission location to produce their own videos of services, Bible classes, and other materials for outreach to their community. Last fall requests for these MFVPPs were received from 5 overseas locations. So far, one has been donated and delivered.

Number of MFVPPs needed: 5
Number delivered so far: 1   (to Lutheran Church of Chile)
Cost of each: $2500

Given so far for second MFVPP: $50




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