MOWM Conference Action Items

List is from suggestions by conferees and does not reflect Conference discussion. Additional ideas, not listed here, appear in Conference sessions viewable online.

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1 Cultural Challenge

a. Create joint WLC/BLC course to study and conduct “world mission market analysis,” including analysis of demographics, cultural/historical factors, spiritual needs, forms of expression, existing materials, etc.
Refer to: two colleges

b. Create online repository of stories from world fields/ guide regarding cultural differences
Refer to: synod mission boards

c. Create course in colleges/seminaries about cultural differences (available also to mission volunteers)
Refer to: the colleges and seminaries

2 Technological Challenge

a. Explore potential in the Cloud for a variety of purposes.
Refer to: colleges, synod tech leaders

b. Create online directory of resources (professionals, advisors, best practices, writers, etc.), including people in world fields with skills
Refer to: CMI, producers of synod yearbooks

c. Hold meetings between experts and directors in both WELS and ELS to discuss best practices and create partnerships.
Refer to: Communication directors of each synod.

d. Consider model to create and distribute royalty-free audio recordings of Lutheran writings.

e. Investigate possible central media production house for both synods.

f. Push content to military and their families by cell phone.

3 Creative Challenge

a. Systematically collect from world missionaries their perceptions of media needs.
Refer to: synod mission boards

b. Create Gospel-bearing media that start with where people live (in different cultures); work with nationals; get writers on-site
Refer to: synod mission boards, production companies

c. Provide support for creative people in form of pay / release time. Give similar support to those who write for audiences of unbelievers, or beginner Christians.
Refer to: synod missions leaders, schools

d. Develop media writers through targeted courses, challenges and competitions.
Refer to: our colleges, high schools, CMI

e. Create an online “Lutheran Media Writers” discussion/ support group.
Refer to: CMI

f. Translate ELS “Dark about Jesus” DVD into other languages.
Refer to: ELS mission leaders, BLTS, Stone Path

g. Find “patrons” to support creative people.

h. Invest in local, spiritually mature translators.

i. Develop talent in music for media.
Refer to: our colleges, CMI

j. Create new culture-relevant music for worship.
Refer to: BLTS students

k. Produce feature films.

l. Create VBS materials to download from online.
Refer to: Lutheran elementary school teacher

m. Produce books with simple core teachings for national church leaders.
Refer to: publishing houses
Develop a Lutheran branding

n. Develop Lutheran branding.

o. Expand efforts to puppets, animation, video games, music videos

p. Podcast relevant courses and lectures.
Refer to: our colleges

q. Consider military families as an audience.

r. Solicit artists to render a non-white/ non-western image of Jesus.
Refer to: College art departments

s. Specific projects mentioned:
Suicide prevention PSA’s for veterans
Novel: Blue Heart Blessed by Susan Meissner

t. Produce 50-70 key Bible history stories in 40 languages.

u. Create “English as a Second Language” videos featuring the Gospel and Bible history.

4 Legal/political Challenge

a. Make more material copyright-free.
Refer to: publishing houses

b. Create central knowledge base for managing challenges/ finding attorneys/ experiences and strategies
Refer to: synod mission leaders

5 Teaching local production Challenge

a. Form a tech team to train national workers, and send them abroad along with equipment.
Refer to: synod mission leaders, Stone Path, Kingdom Workers

b. Create video to train nationals in equipment use, supplemented by Skype consultation.
Refer to: Stone Path

c. Create online international forum for learning tech operations.

6 Stewardship Challenge

a. Develop targeted giving systems, including FaceBook pages for specific projects.
Refer to: Synod mission leaders, CMI

b. Create online giving system on KickStart model
Refer to: Synod tech workers

c. Find “patrons” to support creative people.
Refer to: synod publication groups

d. Use social media to raise funds.
Refer to: colleges for planning

e. Plan media thrust around upcoming Reformation anniversary.
Refer to: Synod communication directors, special committees

f. Conduct careful activity audit in both synods, to eliminate duplication.
Refer to: hired consultant

g. Find ways that people in world fields could contribute.
Refer to: Kingdom Workers

7 Discipleship Challenge

a. Study the theology of virtual congregations.
Refer to: Synod doctrine committees

b. Continue to develop the technology of virtual congregations.

c. Start a worldwide virtual congregation in English from headquarters at Bethany.
Refer to: MLPubs, Stone Path, BLC

d. Actively promote “spiritual gift ministry.” (