Gospel Outreach with Media
Online Conference Sessions

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The Message

The Gospel for Today – and Always
by Mark Harstad (1948-2015)

Reaching Out to Community from Congregation and School

Drawing Attention to Your Website
by Nadiya Borshch (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Videography and Promotion
by Todd Hackbarth (Onalaska, Wisconsin USA)

Rallying Mission Support in Your Congregation
by Ruthann Mickelson (Madison, Wisconsin USA)

Panel: Reaching out from Congregation to Community
by Mark Harrington (San Antonio, Texas USA), Curtis Bull (San Antonio, Texas USA), and Dan Oberer (Farmington, Minnesota USA)

Panel: A Word about Copyright
by Todd Hackbarth (Onalaska, Wisconsin USA) and Tom Kuster (New Ulm, Minnesota USA)

Using Mobile Devices for Outreach

Spreading the Gospel Phone to Phone
by Tom Kuster (New Ulm, Minnesota USA)

Panel: Experiences with Mobile Phone Outreach in World Fields
by Daniel and Karen Kroll (Kumba, Cameroon), Kalyan Gallipolli (Rajahmundry, India), and Ted Kuster (Lima, Peru)

Panel: Using Social Media to Become Known Throughout Latin America
by Michael Hartman (León, Mexico), Nathan Wagenknecht (Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA), Henry Herrera (Medellín, Colombia), Claudia Baltazar (El Paso, Texas USA), and Paul Bourman (New Ulm, Minnesota USA)

Online Bibles and Bible Stories for Outreach Ministries
by Judith Kuster (New Ulm, Minnesota USA)

Encouraging the Needed Talent

Writing: Challenges for the Christian Screenwriter
by Jas Lonnquist (San Jose, California USA)

Visual Arts Panel: Commissioning Artwork for the Church
by Jason Jaspersen (New Ulm, Minnesota USA), Jonathan Mayer (Seward, Nebraska USA), and William Bukowski (Mankato, Minnesota USA)

Music Panel: A World-Wide Web of Christian Music
by Terry Schultz (Chicago, Illinois USA) and Tom Kuster (New Ulm, Minnesota USA)

Expanding Approaches to Gospel Outreach with Media

Worship Streaming as a World-wide Mission Tool
by Paul Fries (Mankato, Minnesota USA)

Connecting with Combat Troops
by Paul Ziemer (New Ulm, Minnesota USA)

Teaching Cross-cultural Classes: Challenges & Solutions
by Don Moldstad, (Mankato, Minnesota USA)

A Bible Study with the Masses: Our Adventure in Interactive Broadcast
by Benjamin Matzke (New Ulm, Minnesota USA)

Prints & Advertising (P & A): Independent Motion Picture Distribution
by Steve Zambo (Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin USA)

School Children Doing Mission Work with Media
by Amanda Buelow (Mankato, Minnesota USA)

Christian Media for a Non-Christian Audience
by Jonathan Witte (New Ulm, Minnesota USA)

Panel: Media Venture Update
by Bruce Becker (Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA) and Mark Parsons (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin USA)