by Lorenz Holland-Moritz

[Note: For more about guest blogger Lorenz, see the note at Dresden Update 1. This entry speaks of the potential of photography for gospel outreach. – T. Kuster]

I’ve sent you some of this year’s outreach artwork meant for social media and larger showcase posters. According to some book sellers there is a growing need for good posters and postcards with Bible verses because the ones available become more and more general and secular. Meanwhile I discover God’s Word as a viable original for creative photography and it’s not too hard to keep the statement of pictures close to the Bible. It’s incredibly much fun to experiment with compositions and work with people and their talents. We even start thinking about some short film ideas (which are dreams of the future of course). I just need to discipline myself better in order to collaborate more effectively and meet the required deadlines. I wonder how other part time content producers of our churches organize their work.