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Organization Friends of the Christ in Media Institute

Below are organizations who have participated in CMI events, or otherwise declared themselves to be “friends of the Christ in Media Institute.” We are happy to bring them to the attention of our students and other viewers. We welcome more organizations to join this listing. Send information to Tom Kuster at

Synod Affiliated

WELS World Missions
Hub containing links to all aspects of Wisconsin Synod mission work, including Multi-Language Publications, virtual church, digital publishing, radio broadcasting, distance learning, and more.
Contact:  Rev. Dan Koelpin

Multi-language Publications – WELS
Coordinate cross-cultural publishing: producing, promoting and distributing publications, creating publication teams; film production, interactive computer-based training, 2.5D illustrations, and more.
Contacts: Rev. Paul Hartman
Sylvia Falcon, digital publishing coordinator

Supports the work of all WELS mission fields, home and abroad, with technology. Produces weekly podcast and supports multiple social-media-based communities of tech-minded pastors, teachers, laypersons.

Media Professionals

BT Media
Award-winning producers. Their “Pioneers of Television” series continues on PBS, and they are planning a sequel to their widely seen “Road to Emmaus.”
Contact: Steve Boettcher

Matzke Media House
We can teach churches and missions to create high quality websites, video, and print layout. We love to share our skills, anywhere we can.
Contact: Leah Matzke & Benjamin Matzke

Spark and Echo Arts
Spark & Echo fosters a new culture of artistic dialogue that generates fascinating works of art while exploring the Bible by creating the world’s largest multi-disciplinary illuminated Bible with a piece of visual, performing or literary art covering every passage of the Bible.
Contact: Jonathon Roberts

Salty Earth Pictures
Salty Earth Pictures strives to create, distribute, and encourage entertainment and media that challenges minds, lightens hearts, and strengthens souls.
Contact: Steve Zambo

Broadcasting Management

Time of Grace Ministry
international broadcast ministry proclaiming the Gospel through the teaching ministry of Pastor Mark Jeske.
Contact: Bruce Becker


Bethany Lutheran College
A Christian liberal arts college serving Lutherans and others with 20 majors, including a Media Arts major with access to a state-of-the-art studio.
Contact: Lance Schwartz

Martin Luther College
Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod college of ministry training workers in the church.
Contact:  Bill Pekrul

Wisconsin Lutheran College
A Christian liberal arts college producing well prepared Christian leaders who understand the importance of serving others as they lead.
Contact: Jason Van Acker


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