Christian Crowd-writing Adventure

Video of the launch discussion, held in the Production Studio, Honsey Hall, Bethany Lutheran College – 7:00-8:30 pm CDT, Monday 29 April, 2013. Download video session discussion summary.

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Download Resources for Screenwriters, a list by Jas Lonnquist.


Welcome to this experiment in creativity. Here is the premise from which we will continue to build the framework for a new Christian TV and/or Webisode series:

“There is a human colony on a distant planet.
It comes to the attention of a Christian missionary on Earth.”

Outline of the discussion:

a. time(s): when does the story occur? How long a period will the story cover?
b. place(s): where will episodes take place?
c. atmosphere: what is “the world” like? What mood are we aiming for?

a. protagonist: who is the “hero” of the story? Do we like this person or not? what strengths? what flaws?
b. antagonist: who or what is the “villain,” the protagonist’s opponent? If a person, likeable or not? what strengths? what flaws?
c. secondary characters: how many? What purpose does each serve?

a. overall story arc: what important goal does the protagonist seek, that won’t be reached until the final episode?
b. obstacles: what stands in the way of the protagonist reaching the goal?
c. conflict: in what areas will conflict occur?
d. backstories: is there a pre-story history that lends depth to the characters?

a. What stages will the protagonist go through on the way to the goal?
b. What stories will secondary characters become involved in?
c. Imagine some individual episode possibilities.
d. Could each episode contain a Gospel message? Should it?

We may or may not reach consensus on any of these. That’s OK. The discussion continues online at

Join in! Who knows where it goes?